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Return to civilization or die a castaway · By aaron_ds


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Crafting Update
Hi Survivors, I want to share a little bit about the design of the crafting gameplay. The way crafting will work in the upcoming release is through a series of...
The Road To 0.4.0
Hi survivors! I want to share an update on the progress of the 0.4.0 release. The main theme of these release is crafting and it is a big one. The crafting syst...
Progress Update
This week weapon effects (str,dex,speed) got added to the combat equations. Weapon recipes often add these kinds of buffs/debuffs so it was important to tie it...
Robinson 0.3.0
Hi Survivors, This release of Robinson features third-party tileset support in addition to small bug fixes. To add a new tileset, navigate from the main menu t...
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Third party tileset work in progress
Hi survivors, I've been working on adding third party tileset support to Robinson. The best reason for this is that it helps players use fonts that meet their a...
Robinson 0.2.1
Hello survivors! Let's start this year off with a fresh Robinson update. This bugfix release fixes issues found in 0.2.0. A big thank you to everyone who downlo...
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Robinson 0.2.0
Welcome survivors! It has been nearly three years since 0.2.0 RC3. This release includes an OpenGL renderer which took the majority of the time to implement. I...
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